Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween can be scary and stressful for some pets and pet parents.  Here are a few quick safety tips to ensure your pets safety:
  • Take your indoor/outdoor kitties inside for a few days around Halloween- Black cats especially have been known to be subject of cruel incidents
  • Don't leave pets out in the yard on Halloween- Unfortunately, it has been reported that many pets are victims of awful pranks and are teased, injured, or even stolen.
  • Keep pets away/confined from the door- Halloween costumes can be intimidating to some dogs, children will be yelling loudly, and dogs that are territorial may growl and bark at trick-or-treaters
  • Keep candy in a location where the dog cannot reach- Many candies are toxic to dogs such as chocolate and candies which contain xylotil (gum and other chewy treats VERY TOXIC).
  • Pumpkins out of reach- Some dogs can be allergic to pumpkins. Also some paints that we use to decorate can be toxic as well as the candles inside. 
  • Keep decoration wires and cords out of reach
  • Don't dress your pet unless you know they like it! Halloween can be stressful enough, and to make your pet wear a heavy/bulky costume on top of the noise will only increase the stress level.
    • Try on costume prior to he big night. Make sure it isn't so tight it restricts barking/meowing, or movement. Also to make sure your pet doesn't have an allergic reaction to the material. If your pet is just putting up with a costume, try a bandana! Most pets will tolerate this festive piece. 
  • ID tags! - IF your pet is to get lost, you'll want to be sure they have their ID tags on so you can recover them quickly and easily.                                                                          http://www.petmd.com/dog/seasonal/evr_multi_halloween_safety_tips?page=2

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