Puppy Tips 101

5 Important Tips for your new puppy 

  1. Prepare your home, aka "puppy proof" (very similar to baby proofing) - securely stow away and protect electrical cables, small items that may be a choking hazard, or areas where your puppy could get stuck or injured.  
    Of course, you will need to purchase the necessary items such as: appropriately sized toys, bowls, comfy bed, training treats, collar, leash, and ID tag to name a few. 
  2. Get your puppy on a consistent schedule for eating, potty, playtime , and training and be sure to stick to it!
  3. Start obedience and potty training immediately-This is important because a puppies mind is like a sponge and when you start training immediately, the puppy learns what is right the first time, instead of finding out what is wrong the 3rd or 4th time it happens. 

  4. Socialize your puppy with as many different people, dogs, and other animals as possible before the puppy is 9 months old.- Again, a puppies mind is a sponge and if a puppy is properly introduced to all different shapes and sizes of people, dogs and animals, you can avoid behaviors such as fear and aggression in the future. 

  5. Be patient, and be positive- Your puppy is new to the world, and is just trying to figure everything out. Everything they experience is a learning opportunity, and its the owners responsibility to teach puppies what the world is, how it works, and everything in between. 



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